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We offer a unique way of supplying all your building material requirements direct to your site or home, throughout East Anglia, for all types of construction, from small projects at your home to large construction sites.

We offer a comprehensive range of heavy side building materials at a competitive price via our local and national builders merchant partners, including all the leading manufactures of building materials.

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Building Materials Direct Norfolk Ltd is a privately owned family business which prides itself on providing a bespoke and personal service to our customers. We have over thirty five years experience in supplying building materials to the trade and retail customers alike, and are committed to providing you, the customer, with the most competitive price for your project together with our unique personal service. We strive to deliver your goods on time at a price that is as competitive as any other online or traditional building material supplier.

We do not offer online sales like so many of our competitors as we at Building Materials Direct Norfolk Ltd believe that when purchasing building materials it is likely to be one of the largest purchases you may make, therefore we believe in a very personal service where you can contact us at anytime, or request a site or home visit for a free consultation to discuss you material requirements, at a time convenient to you.

Building Materials Direct

Suppliers of Quality Building Products

Greal deals on a huge range of insulation & drylining products

Insulation and Drylining products including Thermal and Acoustic Insulation are available from Building Materials Direct at hugely discounted prices for both the DIY and Selfbuild customer.

This includes Rigid Insulation Boards, these boards are ideal for use in various applications such as lining out the pitch of a roof or insulating under a concrete screed floor also for between brick and block cavities and timber frame wall constructions.

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Building Materials Direct are suppliers of a Drylining range that covers the different types of Wallboard available.

The range includes specialist boards such as Sound deadening plasterboard , fire resistant plasterboard , moisture resistant plasterboard , foil backed plasterboard along with the standard wallboards.

These boards are widely available in 2400x1200x12.5mm and 15mm thick and can in some instances be obtained in larger sheet sizes such as 2700x1200mm and 3000x1200mm both again in 12.5mm and 15mm thick.

Please give our sales team a call with your requirements and they will give competitive prices.

Greal deals on a huge range of Steel and lintels

Steel Lintels are available from Building Materials Direct at cheap discounted prices.

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Building Materials Direct Norfolk are suppliers of steel lintels to all types of customer from DIY to Housebuilder and can deliver across the UK, and depending on where you are we will work out the best deal for you.

Steel Lintels are one of the most important components of your building construction as they support the loads given by brickwork / blockwork and your roof. It is essential that you use the correct gauge Steel Lintel for the job.

At Building Materials Direct Norfolk we can supply any steel lintel from standard cavity steel lintels and timber frame steel lintels to purpose made lintels including Bay Window Lintels and Arch window lintels, pre-stressed lintels are also available in various dimensions.
Insulated Lintels, stainless steel and hybrid Lintels are just another part of the huge Lintels range available on request.

Most Lintels are available for next day delivery, if required, So Whatever your requirements please do not hesitate to call our helpful sales office for the latest cheap prices on steel lintels, we will supply quotes for your exact requirements and offer cheaper alternatives if they are available at the same specifications.

Greal deals on a huge range of drainage supplies

Underground drainage requirements can all be covered by Building Materials Direct. The sales team have each spent over 20 years in the Building Supplies industry therefore, they are able to give sound, helpful advice on what products you may need.

Building Materials Direct Norfolk are suppliers of quality underground drainage that meet the required ' BS EN 1401-1:1998' specifications. You can rest assured that when you purchase our drainage, you are getting underground drainage that is not only very affordable but is also quality underground drainage product that have passed the tests to enable you to use them with no questions asked. We can also arrange direct delivery to your home or building site.

For the best prices on a whole range of underground drainage products just give us a call.

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Building Materials Direct recognise the ever increasing need to make efforts into saving the planets resources and one way to contribute to this is to recycle rainwater through the installation of a rainwater harvesting system. This reason coupled along With water companies especially in the south of england unable to keep up with supply and demand of water along with the problems experienced especially over the last few years with localised flooding it makes sense to try and recycle the one item we don't have to pay for, rain!!

With some estimated 50% of water currently used in the average household being able to be replaced with recycled rainwater or 'greywater' as it is also known and the installation of water meters by the water companies it not only makes environmental sense but also financial sense, so why not call our sales office and we will get an expert on the matter to help you.

We can offer advice and information to new or expert builders on all their building materials requirements 7 days a week,
so please call 07867 673 075 or email your enquiry via our website anytime and we will aim to get back to you by return.

Our Service Includes

  • Supply all types of building materials
  • Brick samples and matching services
  • On site visits
  • Project Managing of your building material requirements
  • Scheduling of materials


If you are thinking of a self build, it is possible you may have not purchased building materials before. Therefore, getting the correct materials at the right price and on time will be vitally important. We offer a brick matching service free of charge and can quickly provide material samples such as bricks and roof tiles to make sure you have a match to your existing building.

Building Materials Direct Norfolk Ltd will be happy to work with your architect and local authority to make sure you get the correct materials that comply with all current insulation and building material regulations. We can offer a full range of bricks samples for you to consider for your new home or extension, and are happy to work with your sub contractors to make sure you have the right materials on site when you need them, therefore saving you time and money.

We have helped many of our Self build customers in achieving there dream home or renovation project over many years, and have many testimonials and recommendations from our past customers which we are happy to provide on request.

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